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Face-On Putter


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The Head – The bullet proof crystal clear acrylic head has a feel like non other. The head of the Face-On mallet putter (manufactured by Ice Cube Putters) provides everything you need for a smooth and consistent stroke. The weight of the head is 400 grams, the Red sight line measuring in at 2 ¾” long helps you line up your putts! Standing with the ball off to your side, and both feet facing the target, it provides the golfer a much better view of the line of the putt. It is the ultimate alignment aid. The remainder of the putter is see-through, designed that way in order to eliminate visual distractions and simplify focus. Consequently, if you can aim a rifle, you can aim your putter, lower your score, and become a better golfer.

The Shaft – The 46″ shaft with a single bend set at the very minimum allowed by the USGA at 10%. This allows an almost perfect vertical pendulum and helpful for the average golfer becoming adapted to this style of putting.

The Grip – The Face-On Putter comes standard with a 21” SuperStroke red and white grip. The no-taper design provides players of all skill levels even grip pressure and a consistent stroke.

The Head Cover – Specially designed to accommodate the mallet style Face-On Putter head (manufactured by Ice Cube Putters). This magnetic headcover is ready to protect your putter on the course or on the road. The magnetic closure allows this headcover to open easily, allowing you to quickly remove before putting, and self-lock after use ensuring a snug fit to protect your putter head from scratches and abrasions. The black and gray material will complement any golf bag, any color scheme. This affordable, durable headcover is expertly crafted from tough, marine-strength vinyl to look great and protect your Face-On Putter for rounds to come.

3 reviews for Face-On Putter

  1. Allen in Texas

    Using the Face-On Putter is like throwing darts! Imagine standing on the putting green -just the ball in your hands, no club- how would you roll the ball to the hole? Would you look at the ball, or the hole? Why not putt that way?

  2. Allen Trimble

    Like throwing darts!`

  3. jemortenson (verified owner)

    This review is based on 27 holes thus far. Inside 15 feet was so much better than my conventional putter. With practice I expect to improve all length putts. I am convinced this method will become the standard in the years to come. My advise is to design some other looking models. Jim

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